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Provo Canyon In The Fall

November 3, 2017

Since I moved to Cedar City I have been longing to go see the Provo Canyon. During the Fall season, the canyon is colorful and vibrant. Luckily, I was able to go up to Provo to see my family a few weeks ago.

My sister-in-law had the baby a month earlier than expected! Everything is going so well for them and they are very happy. I drove up to see the baby and got to take a drive with my parents and sister up the mountain that same day. While we were driving up the canyon we had the camera outside the window the whole time. Alisa and I were stopping to take pictures every step.

The waterfall pictures are of the Bridal Veil waterfall. There’s a beautiful walk that goes straight to the bottom of the waterfall. We drove up a little higher so we could get a good picture. Don’t you love the colors? We sure did!

As we were driving up the canyon we decided to stop at Squaw Peak. It was at the top of Squaw Peak that Taylor proposed to me exactly one year ago from the day this picture was taken. He would have come with me down to Provo, but he had to work. I thought I’d send him a picture letting him know I was thinking about him on our year anniversary. I took a picture at the top of the mountain on the rock where we sat on our first date, and where he proposed to me. Here’s the picture of me a year later, as well as a picture from a year ago together.