Cute Dress and Pregnancy!

January 16, 2018

I am 37 weeks pregnant this week! Which is amazing, and also super uncomfortable. One of the most uncomfortable things during pregnancy can be the clothing that you wear. If your pants, shirts, or dresses are too tight on your stomach then your whole day can be a lot harder than normal. 

Pregnancy style is a whole new ball game. How can you look cute and be the largest that you have ever been? It’s taken me some time to figure out how to still look cute while being completely uncomfortable in being in any clothing at all.

Here’s the secret:

You have to find dresses that are comfortable, loose, and still cute. I have never gone to a maternity store to find clothing. I have found that what is in style today is already maternity friendly. The loose fitting style is a huge blessing for me because I can still shop at my favorite stores and wear a lot of my favorite clothing.

This dress below is an example of a maternity-friendly dress that is in style for those pregnant and those who aren’t. It’s cute, never uncomfortable to wear, and it has pockets which is always a bonus :). Adding a scarf on top, for me, has always added to the dresses I’ve found and made them even more “me”.

Aside from loose-fitting dresses, I have also found that finding a few shirts that can stretch and fit your body loosely, with a longer cardigan on top is very cute in pregnancy. Most of the time I can only really wear leggings because my pants are too tight and painful to wear. When I have leggings, a longer shirt, and a longer cardigan, it does wonders.

Pregnancy style is a lot more about function than style, at least for me. If a dress, top, or anything makes it even harder to climb up the stairs, then it’s not worth it. That’s what I and so many other women love about these loose-fitting dresses. They’re easy and effortless.

Shout out to my amazing husband for being so patient with me when I was a little-frozen in front of the camera. Please have patience with me, as this is my first time modeling and I realized that all of the pictures are practically the same exact pose :). I promise, over time, I will get better at modeling and being comfortable in front of the camera.

The dress I am wearing is from a store called Cleo Madison. This dress is on sale right now for only 18$, which even for a poor expecting mother, is a super good deal. Click on the link below and check out more of their styles on their page! I highly recommend them as they are incredibly reliable, have cute modest dresses that anyone can wear, and totally affordable even for me.

Oslo Pocket Dress