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Baby Shower(s)!

January 3, 2018

Taylor and I have been having lots of fun preparing for the baby. It’s hard to be so far away from both of our families, but we definitely feel their love and support for us. Because my family lives in Nevada and his family lives in Colorado, we had two baby showers! This little boy has literally everything he needs to be happy.

Our first baby shower in Nevada was thrown by the mothers of my two best friends growing up. Living far away makes me appreciate so much more every time I get to see all of the women that came to the shower. Not to mention, that being college students, newlyweds, and now being pregnant, has made me 100 times more appreciative of people who freely give to our new family. I don’t know how we would do it without the selfless giving of those around us. One day, I hope to pay it forward.

These are a few of the pictures from the Reno baby shower.

This table was used for people to sign their names, using their fingerprints, on the tree. This will be used in our son’s nursery as a decoration on the wall. I loved this idea because we can’t afford decorations for his nursery, but they used the decorations at the shower as gifts for us. It was brilliant, beautiful, and thoughtful.

This table had all of the treats and the diaper cake that my mother made for us. The stuffed animals used for decorations were also given to us to decorate for our son’s nursery. There were gluten-free treats that were made just for me. I can’t stress how amazing this was.

This diaper cake should be on Pinterest. We took it apart too soon and didn’t get a closer picture of it to put it on Pinterest. However, I’m sure for my little sister’s baby shower we will make another one and put it on here.


Taylor and I had our baby shower in Colorado and were able to take these cute pictures of one of our favorite gifts. This onesie says, “I’m proof that daddy isn’t always hunting”. Taylor and I laughed when we were given this gift because I am guilty of saying that he is “always hunting”. Taylor’s Mother and sister-in-law threw this incredible shower for us. I couldn’t believe how much we received, both in gifts and in hugs.

Our baby shower had games, treats, and lots of gifts. We asked mostly for diapers because we haven’t gone out and bought any from the store yet. Diapers are an absolute must.

I really loved the Colorado baby shower because, for me, it finally felt like I wasn’t the stranger at the party. I knew everyone there and loved them a lot. These were all people that I had met a little over a year ago as Taylor’s soon to be wife. Now that I have visited and gotten to know all of the people from my husband’s life, it feels like home there. It feels like they are just as much my family as his. I loved being able to go to a baby shower in Colorado and feel apart of it all.

I wish we had taken more pictures at the Colorado baby shower, but I was so caught up in visiting and talking with the people there. I didn’t want to miss a moment of being able to get to know the sweet women there better. I’ll tell you though, there was definitely camo and onesies about his love for grandma and grandpa.

I can’t wait for him to come. I feel like he has so many people around him that love him already. The time is getting closer and closer and my excitement is getting greater and greater. I showed Taylor the pictures of our baby shower in Colorado and said, “One day we will be looking at this picture and talk about how young we looked and how little we knew then.” We can’t wait to start this adventure!